Best Lawn & Garden Boot – Kalkal Deck Boots (S4E8)
When I first opened the shoebox from Kalkal, I immediately recognized the clean sole and stylish reinforced shell. The rear pull tab and tongue pull tab made it easy to slip on. Arch Support! Many shoes bother my feet due …
Hydra Charge – Granular Fertilizer + Surfactant (S4E7)
Hydra Charge is a granular biosolid fertilizer plus surfactant. It has a 4-2-0 NPK Ratio. The interesting thing about this product is, unlike most biosolids I've used in the past, it works its way down into the turf canopy and …
Prophesy Fungicide – Best Granular Fungicide for Lawns (S4E6)
Prophesy is a granular fungicide option for your lawn. It utilizes the DG technology meaning it breaks down when it comes in contact with water.
Worm Tea is #1 in the Garden (S4E5)
Adding worm tea to your garden routine is a great supplement to enrich your soil. Soil enrichment should always be a top priority in any garden or lawn. Yes, this worm tea is made from worm castings. This tea conditions …
How to Wakeup Your Bermuda Lawn (S4E4)
Wakeup your Bermuda lawn!! Ok, can you really wake it up? Waking up a Bermuda grass lawn is a figure of speech that many use to refer to the process of making your initial fertilizer application.
Mulch Glue on Pea Gravel (S4E3)
Mulch Glue by PetraTools is an easy to apply glue that I wanted to try out on a small pea gravel area around my heat pumps. The total area applied is approximately 55 sq ft. Easy to Apply It was …

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