Just a few short question and answers.

What’s the best fertilizer ratio for Bermuda?

For established lawns, a balanced fertilizer (preferably one with an analysis that’s high in nitrogen) is ideal with a base ratio of 4-1-2. If this describes your situation, opt for a fertilizer with an analysis of 16-4-8 for best results. 

What is the SGN number I see on fertilizer bags?

SGN stands for Size Guide Number and it refers to the size of the granular particle size. In addition the UI number is the Uniformity Index which means what percent of all the granules in the bag are at the stated SGN.
Typical numbers:

  • SGN 240+ – Agriculture grade (farms, hay fields, etc.)
  • SGN 200-220 – Typical lawn grade
  • SGN 120-180 – Fairway grade
  • SGN 75-100 – Greens & Tee grade (very small so it falls through the dense turf)