Bermuda Lawn Calendar – February – 4 Amazing Tips (S5E3)

The lawn is still dormant, but there are plenty of things to do in the lawn. Here I discuss 4 things that will keep you busy outside. Don’t forget to visit the Bermuda Lawn Calendar.

What can I do in February?

It may be cold so you don’t want to step outside, huh? Well, in my state it rarely gets “cold”. Temps will drop to close to freezing at night, but it typically warms up the mid 50s and sometimes 60s during the day. Yes! A great opportunity to get outside and get some sunshine and clean up the lawn. If it’s too cold outside head on over to the Bermuda Lawn Calendar and see what to plan for next month!

The best thing you can do in the month of February according to our Bermuda Lawn Calendar include:

  • Clean up the lawn, remove twigs, acorns, leaves, etc.
  • Feed the soil! In this video I get down a light coating of BioChar DG by The Andersons. Also, I like to spray some Root Hume or Soil Hume by Simple Lawn Solutions. I do this every month in the back yard.
  • Do a soil test, I’ve used a variety of soil test kits and this year I try the kit made by The Andersons.
  • Last, but not least, do a walk in the yard and spot treat for any weeds you may see. This year I have a mixture of Certainty and Fertilome Weed Free Zone, it includes 2-4-D and dicamba. This mixture should knock out the pesky burweed, broadleaf weeds and even poa annua.
Soil Test

BioChar DG Details:

  • Improves soil health with particles designed to attract nutrients, beneficial bacteria, microbes, and water, making all of these more available for plants
  • Builds rich, carbon-heavy soil that requires less fertilizer for plant growth
  • Features DG Technology, which allows particles to disperse with water, moving immediately into the soil
  • Easy-to-apply spherical, uniform, low-dust formulation
  • Ideal for seeding and composting applications on lawns, gardens, flower beds, potted plants, etc.
  • BioChar lasts in the soil for years, helping build the soil profile over time.
  • Environmentally friendly, OMRI listed. User friendly; can be blended with fertilizers, alongside any fertilizer program, or used alone
The Andersons

Give this stuff a try! I recommend applying a good soil conditioner at least once a month.

Check out my blog for more videos on maintaining a Bermuda lawn.

Hope you enjoy the video below:

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