Bermuda Loves Water 2

Ever see a brown Bermuda lawn?  Well, there’s a simple answer to that.  It’s either lacking quality nutrients or, most likely, it’s lacking hydration!

How often do you water your Bermuda?  Should I do short watering times every evening or one long watering once a week?  Will watering in the evening cause lawn fungus?  Well, we will try to answer those questions and many more below.

Avoid Daily Watering!

Short daily watering can cause a shallow root system, and, since Bermuda grass can have a very deep root system with the average being around 6″, a less frequent deep watering is recommended. Bermuda has been known to have a root system 10 feet deep! WOW!

Water Early!

Watering early in the morning before the sun rises can help reduce evaporation and the wind typically is very mild, if any. This also allows the water to evaporate off the grass blades as the sun rises to help reduce disease.

Measure your watering depth!

Setting an empty tuna can or coffee can in the watering area will help you measure the amount of watering your sprinkler or irrigation system is producing. Some systems include irrigation gauges to help measure the amount your system uses and will auto cutoff once the desire depth is achieved.

A healthy root system is dependent on healthy soil, too, not just watering.