GreenTRX – Best Fertilizer for Bermuda Lawns (S1E14)

That’s it! Yes, GreenTRX from Anuvia has become my favorite fertilizer this year. Not only does it green up the lawn, but it is very cost effective!

GreenTRX has an N-P-K ratio of 16-1-2. It also contains 17% Sulfur and 2% Iron. My favorite method of application is every 2.5 weeks with a dosage of .5 lbs of Nitrogen. This equates to roughly 12-13 lbs of product every 2.5 weeks.

☀️ Episode 14 of the Bermuda Grass Renovation series. ☀️

A bag typically costs around $21, therefore costing around $11/month for the fertilizer. That’s a really great deal.

Hope you enjoy the video below:

Grow your turf or fairway the green way with GreenTRX™ 16-1-2. This enhanced efficiency, bio-based plant nutrition product uses the power of our Organic MaTRX™ to deliver the nutrients that turf needs, while also enriching soil for a better environment. USDA certified as 87% bio-based, its standard, intermediate and elite size granules are easily applied using regular equipment, and can deliver nutrients for up to eight weeks.

I started out the season using PGF Complete, but due to cost and lower than expected performance I made the switch.

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Best of Times in the Lawn!!