Turf Maintenance Calendars

Below is a list of turf maintenance calendars I’ve picked up at local offices or found online that may help you manage your lawn better. Hope they help!


This calendar comes from our local SiteOne store and features the Lesco brand of fertilizers. Lesco is commonly found at Home Depot, too, which makes it easier for us DIY crowd.

Lesco 2020 Calendar

The Andersons

This calendar comes from a YouTube personality known as HowToWithDoc. His go to fertilizer is PGF Complete. Most of his products are only available on Amazon.

HowToWithDoc 2020 Calendar
HowToWithDoc 2019 Calendar


This calendar comes from our local Ewing Irrigation store. It features mostly fertilizer from Howard Johnson Enterprises, and other basic turf management chemicals.

Ewing Irrigation 2020 Calendar


This is an online planner, and Scotts is available at almost all big box stores (Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.)

Scotts ‘My Lawn Care Plan’

Simple Lawn Solutions

This is more of an application guide to using their liquid products, not truly a year round lawn maintenance calendar.

Simple Lawn Solutions w/Ryan Knorr