Core Aeration with a Ryan Lawnaire IV EST / Allet Kensington 20H (S1E7)

It’s time to let this hard red clay breathe!! In this episode I get to use the Ryan Lawnaire IV EST that I purchased from the Home Depot’s rental department. It only had 75 hours on the Honda engine and was only a fraction of the cost of a new one. Core aeration will open up the ground so it can breath!

☀️ Episode 7 of the Bermuda Grass Renovation series. ☀️

Core aeration is the preferred method of relieving compaction and allowing air to enter the soil and help break up the thatch layer. By removing cores of earth the surrounding root system is allowed to grow outwards into looser soil.

I really enjoyed using this tough little machine. Being the first time using an aerator, I had a wild time turning it and holding on to it! I suppose the EST (Easy Steer Technology) is more for going in circles or making wide turns. Live and learn! Of course, the Allet Kensington 20H made quick work cleaning up the red clay cores.

If you haven’t seen my yard walk-through video please head over and check it out.

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Core Aeration