Vertical Mulching with Mirimichi Green CarbonizPN (S1E8)

I am using a method called vertical mulching to alleviate the compaction problem I have in my lawn. I ran across a product called Mirimichi Green at my local SiteOne and Ewing’s Irrigation center and decided to give it a try.

☀️ Episode 8 of the Bermuda Grass Renovation series. ☀️

Vertical mulching, also known as “vertimulching” is a fairly common procedure to achieve any or all of the following goals:

  1. Aeration of the soil
  2. Partial decompaction of the soil
  3. Fertilization of the soil
  4. Inoculation of the Root Zone

In this episode I use a Mirimichi Green product called CarbonizPN. This product is part of their Soil Enhancer line.

The hardest part was drilling the holes. My old drill’s battery did not last long, but it held out and only needed one charging to drill just enough holes. I was able to fill all of the holes with one bag of product. I then used a leaf rake to top rake it all in.

Quote from their web site:

“Mirimichi Green Soil Enhancer (CarbonizPN™ Soil Enhancer) helps plants thrive by improving the efficiency of your soil. CarbonizPN™ Soil Enhancer is a professional blend of premium organics and USDA Certified Biobased Carbon that remains in the soil to increase fertility and water absorption while decreasing nutrient leaching. CarbonizPN™ also promotes a healthy, long-lasting biological rhizome…”

Below is a video of my process:

Products recommended/used in this video:

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Best of Times in the Lawn!!

Vertical Mulching
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