Complete Lawn Mower Maintenance (S2E2)

Before the start of the season, I encourage everyone to perform my complete lawn mower maintenance tips. By following these 9 steps you will have your mower running smoothly all year, every year. Your lawn mower maintenance should take less than an hour to perform.

Step 1: Oil Change

Grab you a new oil filter and enough oil to perform an engine oil change. The engine is the life of any mower. If you cut in really dusty conditions or mow frequently this may have to be done more than once a year.

Step 2: Air Filter Change

Everything needs to breathe, and that includes your engine. After a year or two I recommend going ahead and replacing that air filter. Don’t forget to clean or replace your pre-filter, too. Spray with a little oil to help it attract dust particles.

Step 3: Check Tire Pressure

Tire pressure can affect how your mower rolls across the lawn. Each mower is designed to be supported in a specific way, and it all rides on air.

Step 4: Replace Anti-Scalp Wheels

Yes, these are very important. Again, each mower is designed to roll over the yard and the anti-scalp wheel really help prevent scalping.

Step 5: Wash

Everything needs to take a bath.

Step 6: Lubrication

Keep your mower rolling and operating smoothly with a quick lubrication. Metal rubbing against metal is never a good thing.

Step 7: Replace Gas Filter

A gas filter filters out any particles that may have gotten into your gas tank. This will protect the sensitive parts of your engine and carburetor.

Step 8: Replace Spark Plug

The spark plug creates that spark to fire up your engine. Over time it will become less effective. Install a new one to keep things running smoothly.

Step 9: New Blades

Install new blades to keep a clean cut. A dull blade can tear the lawn blades.

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