Spring PreEmergent & Winter Lawn Update (S2E1)

I wanted to start off this season with a Winter lawn update and talk about my Spring PreEmergent. The Fall/Winter PreEmergent that I applied back in October and January did a great job in preventing Poa Annua and other winter weeds from popping up all over the yard.

Granted, there were little areas around the yard that did succumb to winter weeds, but I’m really happy overall. In this video I do a simple lawn cleanup mow at 1.25″ and then I apply some Spring PreEmergent to stop crabgrass and other summer weeds.

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I chose to use The Anderson’s 0-0-7 Dimension from my local Ewing’s Irrigation store. The active ingredient in Dimension is Dithiopyr. Dithiopyr is a preemergent herbicide for crabgrass control in turf and ornamental grasses. It is effective on 45 grassy and broadleaf weeds. Dithiopyr inhibits root growth of susceptible weeds as well as turf grass and thus should be used only on established turf with a well-developed root system. Its duration of efficacy is approximately 4 months, so lawns should not be reseeded during this time frame following application of the chemical. Dithiopyr acts primarily as a preemergent herbicide but can also be used in early post-emergent control of crabgrass.

Dimension can be applied in both granular and liquid form. The granular form, for me, is easier to apply.

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Hope you enjoy the video below:

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Best of Times in the Lawn!!