How to Clean Lawn Spreaders Correctly + Make them LAST Forever

If you apply your own fertilizer then chances are you have a lawn spreader. Below I show you in four simple steps how to clean lawn spreaders and make them last forever. Depending on your spreader model you may have to only do 3 of the steps.

Step 1 is to simply rinse your spreader. If you don’t rinse your spreader then product will build up on it and before long you will have a hard mess that could possibly affect product distribution.

Step 2 is to wash and dry your spreader. This method is important because rinsing alone won’t remove the surface material on your spreader. You don’t just rinse your car off do you?

Step 3 is to lubricate your machine. If your spreader has zerk fittings then you will need a grease gun. This will allow you to push grease into your bearings and keep water out of them thus preventing rust. If you don’t have zerk fittings then spray some silicone lubricant in all the joints.

Step 4 is to wipe down the stainless steel with some WD-40 or other spray/sealant. This will help the steel resist water and rust. If you have pneumatic tires then now is a great time to air them up to the proper recommended inflation setting. If you have a Scotts spreader from a big box store then chances are you don’t have a stainless steel frame nor pneumatic tires. Therefore, you can then skip this step.

If you follow these 4 steps on how to clean lawn spreaders then your spreader will last forever!

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