SLOW MOW Lawn Conditioner by BioAdvanced – Does it work? (S1E16)

I had a vacation coming up, and I wanted to give SLOW MOW a try since I wouldn’t be here to mow my lawn. I typically mowed 7,000 sq. ft. of Bermuda Tifway 419 with my Allet Kensington 20H every 3 days.

This is a relatively new product from BioAdvanced. It currently is not available at the big box stores.

☀️ Episode 16 of the Bermuda Grass Renovation series. ☀️

One thing that really caught my eye was it’s ability to promote density. I really love a thick Bermuda lawn. As with most plant growth regulators, it is supposed to limit vertical grown while promoting horizontal growth.

I was a little skeptical at first because the active ingredient was extremely low compared to products like T-NEX. Slow Mow only has 0.15% of the active ingredient, Trinexapac-ethyl, whereas, T-NEX has 12.0%. At the end of 8 days, though, I was pleasantly surprised by the results. You can see the results in the image below that is also on my Instagram page.

As you can see from the image above the front yard’s vertical growth was significantly less than my back yard. My front yard had a vertical growth of less than .25″ and the back yard had a vertical growth of approximately 1″.

Each bag is 10.4 lbs and will cover 2,600 sq. ft. Do not apply this product to St. Augustine, Bahiagrass, or Zoysiagrass.

Hope you enjoy the video below:

From the Manufacturer:

  • Reduces mowing by up to half for a period of about 4 weeks
  • Extensively used on golf courses
  • Improves turf quality through increased turf density
  • Reduces watering requirements and increases Green color
  • Reduces fertilizer needs by 30%

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Best of Times in the Lawn!!