Hour Meter / Tach Meter Install (S3E7)

The Hour Meter is a very important addition to any engine and maintenance plan. This will help you plan when you need to perform maintenance. Most engine manuals have maintenance schedules listed based on hours similar to how automobiles base their schedules on miles.

What is the Purpose of an Hour Meter?

  • An hour meter, also called a time counter, is a device that records elapsed time. They are usually used to measure the runtime of equipment for maintenance purposes.
  • An hour meter senses power running through the spark plug. Therefore, when the motor is running the hour meter is counting. This is actually called an intermittent hour meter because it only works when the engine is running.

Many of these new meters come with a tachometer. This basically tells you how many rotations your engine is performing per minute, thus the RPM status. RPM stands for Revolutions Per Minute. Depending your your mower, it can come in handy to know how fast your engine is running as you set your pace in the lawn.

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