ProPeat Carbon90PLUS 11-11-11 All Purpose Fertilizer (S3E6)

ProPeat Carbon90PLUS is my go to fertilizer to kick off my season on the back yard this season. I really like the homogenous particles. A little NPK in every particle. The small particles work great for full coverage and getting down into the thick Bermuda canopy.

Here is some additional information about the ProPeat Carbon90PLUS:

  • Firstly, it’s natural and eco friendly. Carbon90PLUS minimizes leaching by binding nutrients to naturally occurring carbon. As a result, it’s good for plants, good for business, good for the environment
  • Secondly, smarter plant growth! Carbon90PLUS is a natural extended release fertilizer which bonds nutrients to the carbon found in peat moss. Other fertilizers spike soil with massive amounts of nutrients when wet, moreover, Carbon90PLUS naturally binds nitrogen, potassium, phosphate, sulfur and other micronutrients to carbon until plants need them
  • Thirdly, build your soil! Above all, the secret behind Carbon90PLUS lies in our use of carbon. The homogeneous, granular prills, each containing a precise mix of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, sulfure, and micronutrients, break up evenly in your soil, bound by carbon molecules. As a result, these nutrients provide a longer lasting, natural fertilizer which doesn’t leach with simple watering.
  • In conclusion, it’s water smart! Carbon90PLUS is uniquely beneficial in both wet and dry climates. It helps reduce the amount of water lost through irrigation.

My spreader threw down this product like a champ! In the short video below you see me throwing down one bag. I threw down one bag on my back yard of 3,200 sq. ft. plus an additional area around the kid’s playset to total just a little over 5,000 sq. ft.

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Hope you enjoy the video below:

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