Allett Kensington Tips & Tricks (S2E20)

Here are a few Allett Kensington Tips & Tricks. I hope some of these help you as you enjoy mower with up to eight Allett Kensington tips and tricks.

Throttle Lever

The throttle lever is basically a plastic housing for cable that controls the engine throttle. Sometimes the little thin washer will bend and come out. Very easy fix, just bend back and replace, or replace with a new one.

HOC Adjustment Knob

Sometimes if you over-loosen or over-tighten the adjustment knob you could back out the small bolt that holds the knob in place.

HOC Quick Adjustment

This is performed by simply tilting back the mower to take the weight off of the front roller.

My Special HOC

In this tip I use a pair of precision brass setup bars that are typically used in wood working in setting up a router table. This is a very quick and easy way to measure HOC.

Paper Test – Stainless Steel Feeler Gauge

When adjusting your reel blade down to the bedknife you want the reel blade to be .002″ or .05mm from the bedknife. A stainless steel feeler gauge works perfectly for this. After adjustment you want to use a piece of paper at .004″ to test the cutting action. I like to fold a thin sheet of paper or use a thin business card for this test. Since you may have a different grass type try using some grass to perform your test.

Cartridge Fit Problem

This little problem was only existent on the Scarify cartridge. This could be only specific to me, but I have seen other complaints online so I thought I would share.

Belt Conditioning

This was a really quick tip. Everyone wants a long lasting belt, and like most things, I recommend doing a little maintenance and spray it down with a little belt conditioner.

Reel Care

Probably one of the most common complaints I’ve received or seen online has to do with the red paint chipping off of the reel. If you use the correct positioning of the reel to bedknife and coat it in Fluid Film before every cut then the paint peeling will be minimized.


In conclusion, I love my little Allett and glad I purchased it. It’s worth the money for the Scarify cartridge alone when cleaning up debris or aeration cores. The 6 blade reel is sold and the 10 blade reel is gold! I hope these tips and tricks help you.

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