Bermuda Lawn Reset: Scalp, Scarify, Aerate & Verticut (S2E19)

Every year Bermuda lovers across America do a Bermuda Lawn Reset! Why would you do such a thing? Well, as Bermuda grows and you miss a mow or two the brown stalk can creep it’s way up. You don’t notice until you miss a mow or come back from vacation and mow the lawn revealing brown!

Bermuda Lawn Reset

Well, that happened to me. After a couple of lengthy vacations and daily rain my lawn got out of control. I try to scarify weekly and verticut monthly to keep a pristine stand of Bermuda (Couch). Once the brown shows, the only thing to do is cut it out. This produces fresh, new growth.

Yes, that new growth is green!!

Green Lawn
Early morning Bermuda with dew on it is mesmerizing


In this video I really do a lot. Starting with a scarify to clean up some debris, I scalp it and then scarify again to clean up even more debris.


I actually end up scarifying several times. Each pass removes more and more brown debris from the yard. I do this on both the front and back yards. A total of 8,000 sq ft.

Mechanical Aeration

Aerating with my Ryan Lawnaire IV is a challenging adventure. I aerated my front yard with ease, but by the time I got to the back I had to get help from Sunny Jr. The scarify cartridge on my Allett Kensington 20H works wonders for cleaning up the cores. Do not leave them on Bermuda!


Verticutting is the process of vertical mowing. It trims the Bermuda plant and thins it out some to promote new growth. I did an extremely light verticut, and kept it pretty high. Definitely don’t want to hit dirt with it.

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Hope you enjoy the video below:

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