Open Ditch Renovation Part 1: Spectracide Weed Stop (S2E12)

Today, I start work on my open ditch renovation. My neighborhood is what you call an “open ditch” neighborhood where the ditches are open and roll from the street. This is unlike the typical neighborhood with curbs and sidewalks that typically have small yards.

My ditch measures roughly 4,000 sq ft and is riddled with various grass types. Also, this open ditch renovation will begin with trying to eliminate all weeds and at least 3 different grass types: Bahai grass, Centipede, and St. Augustine.

Product Information

My first step is to coat the ditch with Spectracide Weed Stop For Lawns Plus Crabgrass Killer. Here is some information from their web site:

  • Kills yellow nutsedge
  • See results in 5 hours
  • Kills over 470 weed types as listed, including crabgrass
  • Won’t harm lawns when used as directed
  • 32 fl oz treats up to 5,000 square feet

Application Rate

I applied the product at the rate of 6.4 fl oz per 1,000 sq ft. using a total of 25.6 oz for my 4,000 sq ft ditch. An extra 3.2 fl oz was added to cover a small 500 sq ft area on the side of my house as you will see in my video.

I was somewhat happy to see the results. Most everything was dead or had signs of dying. The St. Augustine and Centipede grasses really took a hit, but the Bahia grass appeared to only be slightly stunted. I’m afraid it may recover.

The Bermuda did take a small hit, but that is probably due to the temperatures. It was close to 85 when I applied it and quickly jumped to 95 within 3 days of application. I expect the Bermuda to fully recover if we can get some rain. I plan to fertilize it soon.

Check out my blog for more videos on maintaining a Bermuda lawn.

Hope you enjoy the video below:

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