Plant Growth Regulator – Governor G (S3E17)

With vacation coming up, I wanted to give a plant growth regulator a try. Subsequently, I also ended up getting the flu immediately after vacation. I basically was able to mow once in over 14 days. So, did this work?

About this Plant Growth Regulator

Below is a little information about the Governor G. The active ingredient is Trinexapac-ethyl (CAS No. 95266-40-3) at 0.15%.

Governor G Granular Plant Growth Regulator is designed to reduce grass growth by up to 50%, allowing for less mowing and maintenance. The product works by redirecting grass growth energy into the roots, promoting lateral growth. This redirection of energy results in the improved health, density, durability, and color of your lawn. Providing results in as little as five days, this professional-grade, easy-to-apply granular formulation is effective on both cool and warm season turf.

(Source: Andersons Home & Garden)
Governor G

Did it work?

Yes, this product worked exceptionally well. I did receive 2.5″ of rain since applying the product, which normally would have pushed excessive growth. After a couple of weeks, I have noticed a considerable amount of lateral growth as the yard is really getting thick after recovering from drought dormancy.

I paid $62.91 for this 34 lb. bag of Governor G, which would cover 20,000 sq. ft. at the light rate of 1.7 lbs./1,000 sq. ft. That comes to $3.15 per 1,000 sq. ft. Compare that with BioAdvanced Slow Mow (see my video) at $9.23/1,000 sq. ft and Governor G isn’t a bad price.

Certainly, a liquid PGR like T-NEX is considerably cheaper.

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