Sunniland All Natural Fertilizer & Lawn Tour (S3E18)

Sunniland All Natural is an environmentally, all organic fertilizer. It’s a 5-3-0 NPK ratio fertilizer, and it spreads really well. Considering the source of the fertilizer, it does have a ripe smell.

About Sunniland All Natural

Below is a little information from Sunniland.

Sunniland All Natural fertilizer is great for lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetable gardens. With its all natural, non-burning formula, you can feel confident using it anytime of year, anywhere, with no risk of burning or over applying.

Organically derived from local waste sources.

Contains slow release nutrients making this fertilizer environmentally friendly.

Guaranteed analysis of 5-3-0 with 2% iron to maintain a lush green look.

Source: Sunniland
Sunniland All Natural

Lawn Tour

In this episode we take a quick tour of the lawn. Yes, I have roughly 27,000 sq ft so keeping it up is quite the work. I have some really nice areas with thick turf and I have some not so nice areas that are struggling.

We start off walking in the front yard and ditch, and quickly move down the side yard. We then go through the back yard, check out the garden and end up by the pond. I hope you enjoy the walkaround.

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Hope you enjoy the video below:

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