Primer Bulb Replacement (S3E23)

A primer bulb replacement is often needed as the little bulb is made of soft plastic or rubber. Over time it can dry-rot or simply break down. A primer bulb is a small plastic or rubber type button that is pressed in order to “prime” the engine.

How does it work?

A primer bulb is pressed and released. Sometimes this is done several time until a vacuum is created and fuel is sucked up from the fuel intake line.

The fuel sucked in creates a fuel deposit into the carburetor making it ready or “primed” for combustion.

Primer Bulb Replacement

Replacement is fairly easy. It’s usually held on by 4 small screws and a bracket. Simply remove the screws and replace the primer bulb. Sometimes you may have to remove a plastic cover as I did in this video. This method can be used on a variety of brands.

Primer Bulb Removal

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