DIY Raised Bed Garden: Hügelkultur (S3E3)

Yes, a raised bed garden is a dream of many homeowners. A raised bed garden can provide many benefits:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Simple to plant in
  • Gentle on the back
  • Lush vegetables
  • You get the picture, right?

In this video I show you what I did over the Winter months as the Bermuda lawn lied dormant. I basically kept the leaves cleaned up and built a huge 32′ x 32′ fenced garden area. No, the garden isn’t complete as of yet, but it is getting close.

I plan to finish up the garden and have lush, green vegetables this Spring as I begin to mow the turf. The process I used to fill my beds is called Hügelkultur. It’s a process where you add the following as you fill your bed.

1. Large Logs

Lay a row of logs in the bottom of your cleaned out bed.

Large Logs

2. Sticks & Leaves

Add a layer of leaves and small sticks.

Leaves and sticks

3. Raw Compost

Add a layer of raw compost from your compost pile.

4. Top Soil

Add a layer of top soil (bag or have a truck deliver some)

5. Manure/Potting Mix

Add a layer of manure and potting mix from local supply store.

Top Soil/Manure

6. Worm Castings, Blood Meal, Vermiculite

Finally, add some good stuff and mix it in really well.

Worm Castings

Check out my blog for more videos on maintaining a Bermuda lawn.

Hope you enjoy the video below:

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