Turf Paint / Lawn Paint (S3E2)

Ever seen a green Bermuda lawn down South in the winter? Yeah, didn’t thinks so. If you have then, chances are, the lawn was wither overseeded or painted. Yes, that’s right, turf paint! We paint our houses, cars, fences, and decks so why not paint our turf?

In this video I tackle the slope down by my pond. It has a few weeds as I don’t use herbicides or anything on it. It just gets sunshine and rain. The lawn paint that I will be using comes from a company called Geoponics. It’s their Endurant line of turf paints.

I did make one mistake. I left the cheap plastic tip in my sprayer. Yeah, didn’t realized it until I was almost done. I noticed the poor spray pattern, but when shooting a video I get distracted too easily. Next time I will definitely use my TeeJet XR11004VS.

Overall the product mixed really well. I used 8 oz. of Endurant Premium (P+) to one gallon of water. It took 64 oz. (4 gallons) to cover roughly 3,500 sq. ft. of turf.

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Hope you enjoy the video below:

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