Scarify my Front Yard with an Allett Kensington 20H – (S1E19)

I scarify my front yard on a monthly basis, sometimes a couple of times per month early in the season.

Why Scarify?

In short, grass needs to breathe. Yes, just like any living organism, grass needs to breathe and will get choked out by too much thatch and debris. By allowing more air into and around the lawn, it will reduce the potential for fungus and other lawn diseases.

Why is Thatch a Problem?

As thatch thickens it will begin to prevent your lawn from getting air, water and nutrients it needs to grow. Water carries oxygen and nutrients into the soil to the grass roots. When the thatch levels are too thick this water cannot pass through and therefore the grass is starved. This reduced flow of water can cause major issues in wet conditions where the water cannot drain through the soil. It can also cause a build up of moss and fungal diseases which thrive in damp conditions as well as causing issues in dry conditions where the thatch stops the grass plant receiving water. If you put fertilizer on your lawn it will just sit on top of the thatch layer and not pass through. Thatch can also harbor weeds.

Enjoy the video below as I scarify my front yard and clean it up. I follow the scarification process with soil amendments (LiveEarth and HumiChar) and followed up with at application of GreenTRX.

☀️ Episode 19 of the Bermuda Grass Renovation series. ☀️

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