Scarify my Back Yard with an Allett Kensington 20H – (S1E20)

In this episode I scarify my back yard. I do a little post-hurricane cleanup as hurricane Sally swept through. Thankfully, we only received strong winds and lots of rain.

Why Scarify?

In short, grass needs to breathe. Yes, just like any living organism, grass needs to breathe and will get choked out by too much thatch and debris. By allowing more air into and around the lawn, it will reduce the potential for fungus and other lawn diseases.

Scarify Process

If you notice the above photo the left shows a thick thatch layer which is reducing the length of the grass roots. A shorter grass root makes the grass struggle to find water which will therefore make the grass sparce.

In the middle section the scarifying process has taken place and you can see water, oxygen and nutrients are able to reach the grass roots.

The section on the right hand side shows the lawn post scarification. You can see the grass roots have lengthened allowing the grass to find all the water and nutrients it needs.

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Enjoy the video below as I scarify my back yard and clean it up. I follow the scarification process with soil amendments (LiveEarth and HumiChar) and followed up with at application of GreenTRX.

☀️ Episode 20 of the Bermuda Grass Renovation series. ☀️

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