Summer Update ☀️ Season 1 + Future Projects (S1E17)

As the growing season winds down I wanted to give you a bermuda lawn summer update, and show you how far my lawn has come in just the past 6 months. I also show a little of what it looked like exactly 1 year ago in September 2019.

Needless to say, I jumped in with both feet this season. I kicked it off in February by purchasing an aerator from my local Home Depot, and then taking the plunge for an Allett reel mower.

Below is a list of other things I did to help create a green carpet lawn:

  • Pre-Emergent
  • Fertilize
  • Scarifying (de-thatching)
  • Soil Conditioning
  • Liquid fertilize
  • Fungus Control

As you can see it’s the pretty typical yard care list. I believe the one thing that improved my yard the most is the reel mowing every 2-3 days. It has really transformed my yard. The second best thing for my yard was the GreenTRX fertilizer. It did wonders for turning my yard a deep green and helping it spread. Hope you enjoy watching my Summer Update.

☀️ Episode 17 of the Bermuda Grass Renovation series. ☀️

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Below is a video update from this past season:

Products recommended:

Best of Times in the Lawn!!