Top Dressing a Bermuda Lawn (S3E12)

Top dressing a Bermuda lawn is the simple process of spreading a mix of soil matter on the surface of an existing lawn. This process will smooth and level the surface, and will modify the soil condition. There are other reasons to top dress such as controlling thatch, protect from extreme temperatures, and amend the soil medium around the roots.

Benefits of Top Dressing

There are several benefits to top dressing that I’ll outline below:

  • Drainage improvement
  • Soil to exchange gases with the atmosphere better
  • Promote the development of soil micro-flora and micro-fauna – both are needed to break down thatch and grass clippings
  • Repair damaged lawn areas


1. an application of manure or fertilizer to the surface layer of soil or a lawn:”he gave most of the plot another top dressing last month”

Oxford Dictionaries
Top Dressing Material

Top dressing a Bermuda lawn schedule

Top dressing a Bermuda lawn can be a fun process. Is access to one of the fancy top dressing machines a challenge? This is an opportunity to get the whole family involved!

I recommend top dressing during the active growing season. For Bermuda that is during the Spring and early Summer. It gives the Bermuda grass time to spread and fill in any vacant spots.

Make sure there is plenty of sunshine, warmth, and rain in the forecast, too. However, an irrigation system will be a big help, too.

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Hope you enjoy the video below:

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