UNBOXING: Allett Kensington 20H

My Allett Kensington 20H has arrived! This little fella arrived via freight from TSP Turf around the 2nd week of March 2020. I had wanted a reel mower for nearly 20 years and the day finally came!

OK, why did I choose the Allett, you ask? Well, in short, nearly half of all MLB use them and I also wanted a very simple to use machine with outstanding quality!

I can get 6 different cartridges for this machine. Each cartridge can be changed in 2-3 minutes, or however long it takes me to unscrew two Allen screws. Well, did I say I like simple? ? I also really like the reliability of Honda engines.

“Designed for home lawn enthusiast with medium to large lawns, the Kensington Petrol Garden Mower is the ultimate cartridge machine in the Allett Homeowner Range. It is one of our most popular cylinder mowers and takes all the cartridges in the Allett range allowing for a range of lawn-care tasks using just one machine. “

Read more at the Allett.US web site.

Please follow along as I renovate my Bermuda grass lawn.

Hope you enjoy the unboxing video below, I also left a few picture down below, too: