Worm Tea is #1 in the Garden (S4E5)

Adding worm tea to your garden routine is a great supplement to enrich your soil. Soil enrichment should always be a top priority in any garden or lawn.

Yes, this worm tea is made from worm castings. This tea conditions the top soil and other soil layers to promote healthy plant growth. It also has vitamins, minerals, and good bacteria, essential for the soil and plants.

Ingredients of Worm Tea

We formulated our worm castings fertilizer for organic production with 100% natural ingredients. It’s extracted from earthworm castings and underwent natural brewing to retain its nutrients, and then our advanced suspended animation helps keep the healthy bacteria’s alive.

Worm Tea

Can this be used with other fertilizer?

Boost your soil and plants’ nutrient feeding by combining PetraTools worm castings tea with your fertilizer. When pre-planting in spring or fall, use this concentrate at 5oz per 1-gallon of fresh water. Or, add 1-2tsp concentrate to feed-water after seeds are growing or plants have been transplanted.

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