How to Wakeup Your Bermuda Lawn (S4E4)

Wakeup your Bermuda lawn!! Ok, can you really wake it up? Waking up a Bermuda grass lawn is a figure of speech that many use to refer to the process of making your initial fertilizer application.

This is typically done as temperatures start to rise and you see the lawn starting to turn green. Applying fertilizer will help the turf to start growing faster. Yes, temperature is the primary jolt that Bermuda grass needs to start growing.

Wakeup Your Bermuda Lawn

Top Products to Wakeup Your Bermuda Lawn

As temperatures start to rise you want to broadcast a good balanced fertilizer. In this episode I cover both a granular option and a liquid option. The granular option I use is PGF Balanced 10-10-10 with some Humic DG and BioChar added as a soil conditioner. The liquid option I use is some 8-8-8 Ignite by Empro mixed with some Simple Lawn Solutions Soil Hume.

bermuda lawn guide

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