A Week in the Yard with Sunny Bermuda

This is a fun little clip where I share a week in the yard of Sunny Bermuda! Every time I get in the yard I grab my phone and do a little recording. When I remember, of course. I start on a Saturday and record all the way through the next Saturday a full 8 days!

I use a rotary mower, reel mower, zero-turn mower, hedge trimmer, weed trimmer, and a couple of blowers in this little adventure. Oh, I also work in my victory garden. It’s produced some nice tomatoes and green beans so far! My little garden is a hugelkultur style garden; it’s more of an experiment for this past Spring. I plan to really expand it this Fall.

Overall, I keep up around 30,000 sq ft of lawn every week. I use different tools based on the location. I could use my old ZT mower to do it all, but where is the fun in that?

Come and go on a journey with me, and enjoy a week in the yard with Sunny Bermuda!

I hope you enjoy the video below:

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Best of Times in the Lawn!!

A Week in the Life with Sunny Bermuda