Empro 100 lb. Professional Spreader Review

Approximately one year ago I purchased the Empro 100 lb Professional spreader from my local Ewing’s Irrigation & Landscape Supply company. I researched the various spreaders at the local big box stores and those available online. I’ve been through several of the cheap Scott’s brand spreaders, and finally decided to look for a more rugged spreader that would last longer than a couple of years.

Here are the requirements I was looking for:

  • Stainless steel frame
  • Large hopper (I have 30k+ sq ft)
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Adjustments (including baffles and spread patterns)
  • Simple gate adjustments

This spreader is from Chapin Mfg, and is simply branded by Ewings as the Empro spreader.

Hope you enjoy the video review below:

Here is a snippet from the Ewing web site:

The Empro Professional spreader has many features and benefits. It has a 2 position side baffle that provides control of spread pattern. Built-in rear baffle for steady, efficient spreading. Spread pattern adjustment for incremental control of spread bias right to left. 1-in stainless A-frame design with adjustable 3-position handle. Large 100 lb. poly hopper to tackle big jobs. High mount gate adjustment allows for precise control and calibration. 12-inch pneumatic tires, enclosed gearbox and axel bushings with zerk fittings for easy maintenance.

Empro Spreader

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