Allett AST30 – Autosteer Trailing Seat Assembly (S2E25)

I was excited to get the Allett AST30. In this video I assemble the Allett AST30, and it was a relatively easy process.

The frame assembly was assembled in four simple steps and took roughly 10 minutes. It came in five pieces. After the frame assembly, I installed the foot rests and park petal on the Buckingham.

Allett AST30

Allett AST30 – Big Whoops!

Yes, a big whoops! I took the AST30 out into the yard to attach to my Buckingham 30H to go for a quick stroll on my semi-dormant Bermuda grass lawn, and as I went to screw the nut on the bar attachment I felt some resistance. Yes, the nut was a different thread type than the bar attachment. I had stripped the first two threads. I have reached out to Allett and they said the 3/8″ was the old bar and all new ones were m10. I’m confident they will send me a correct bar and nut.

Stripped Bar

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Hope you enjoy the video below:

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Buckingham AST30 Ride