Dormant Bermuda Lawn – January Cleanup (S3E1)

A dormant Bermuda lawn can be a beautiful thing. To most of us it’s a symbol of rest. A time to take a break, kick back, and enjoy the cool weather.

In January your lawn should be completely dormant. If not, then it will be soon. Take this opportunity to clean up all the debris in the lawn, and apply a few products if you want. No, it won’t hurt the turf to walk on dormant Bermuda.

In this episode I share several ways to get out and clean up the yard. I even cover some soil amendments you can apply. If you’re expecting freezing temps, I would wait on any liquids, though.

Here is a list of topics covered:

  • Edge driveways/natural beds
  • Use the Allett brush to clean up debris
  • A ZT mower makes for easy cleanup
  • Bag that debris with your push mower
  • Simply blow the leaves and debris out of the yard

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Bermuda Lawn Calendar

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Hope you enjoy the video below:

Products recommended/used in this video: