EZ-FLO 1010-HB in the Lawn (S2E24)

EZ-FLO 1010-HB is one nice little setup. After using The Andersons hose-end sprayer for most of the season, I came across this genius little tank. You simply add your products, connect your water hose, and spray your yard, but is it really that simple?

Setup was really easy. Just connect a few hoses, fill the tank and you’re ready to spray and spray and spray and spray. 😃


EZ-FLO Thoughts & Recap

This is great if you have a manual sprinkler. Just hook it up and turn on the sprinkler, and walk away.

My only dilemma with the EZ-FLO is the rate at which it flowed when I used it manually. Though set on the ‘Fast’ setting, it appeared to slowly siphon off the contents of the tank. This may be due to the fact that as water is shot into the tank the contents became more diluted over time and appeared to take quite a while as I paced the yard. I will probably use this on my garden or sprinkler, but stick with my hose-end bottles for the quick spray in the yard.

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Hope you enjoy the video below:

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