Allett C24 Brush Cartridge – Fall Cleanup (S3E25)

The Allett C24 Brush Cartridge is a workhorse of a sweeper. It is a powered sweeper and will clean up the turf in a jiffy. It can be used to pickup debris, level a lawn by sweeping in sand or compost, or simply give your turf a clean, polished look.

Easy Swappable?

Yes, as you see in the video below, it is very easy to swap the cartridges. Most of them are fairly heavy, but top notch quality. In fact, I used one hand to swap out the 10-blade w/groomer cartridge.

Allett C24 Brush Cartridge

Below is a snippet of information from the Allett USA web site regarding the brush cartridge:

The Powered Brush is perfect for sweeping away any ugly worm casts or leaves that are marring the surface of your pitch or lawn and has been carefully designed to keep your stripes perfect for even longer. It is also great at getting rid of any early morning dew.

Brushing prior to cutting also helps the grass stand more upright, meaning a sharper and more uniform cut is achieved, whilst controlling any moss issues and preventing any diseased areas spreading across the lawn or sports pitch.


I really liked how the powered cartridge stood up the Bermuda. It was like running a brush through your hair. Followed up by a mow with the 10-blade reel and things looked sharp! Well, as sharp as things can look with mostly dormant Bermuda. It is November, after all. 😂

If you get a chance, I recommend giving one a try!

Brush Cartridge Install

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Hope you enjoy the video below:

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