BioChar DG, HumiChar, Humic DG – Monthly Applications (S4E1)

BioChar DG, HumiChar and Humic DG are some of the best granular soil conditioners on the market. In this video I cover how I will be applying one of these products on my lawn every month.

BioChar DG

In the video below I apply BioChar DG to my 4,300 sq. ft. front lawn. This is the front area that I reel mow. I have applied other soil conditioner products in the past like HumiChar and Humic DG. It has really helped during the regular droughts we often experience here in central Alabama. At the time of this writing it costs roughly $10.32 per monthly application at the rate of 1lb per 1,000 sq. ft.

Why soil conditioner?

Below is a snippet of information from The Andersons Home and Garden web site regarding BioChar DG:

  • Improves soil health with particles designed to attract nutrients, beneficial bacteria, microbes, and water, making all of these more available for plants
  • Builds rich, carbon-heavy soil that requires less fertilizer for plant growth
  • Features DG Technology, which allows particles to disperse with water, moving immediately into the soil
  • Easy-to-apply spherical, uniform, low-dust formulation
  • Ideal for seeding and composting applications on lawns, gardens, flower beds, potted plants, etc.
  • BioChar lasts in the soil for years, helping build the soil profile over time.
The Andersons Home & Garden

I really enjoy the DG line of products from The Andersons. When water hits them they dissolve and work their way down into the soil.

If you get a chance, I recommend giving one of these products a try!


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Hope you enjoy the video below:

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