Allett Kensington – How to Change the Quick Cartridge

If you are researching the Allett Kensington, or just purchased one, then this video may help as I explain in 5 simple steps how to change the Quick Cartridge.

I demonstrate using the Allett Kensington 20H. I remove the Scarifier Quick Cartridge,and quickly replace it with the 6-blade Quick Cartridge cylinder.

By following these 5 steps you, too, can quickly change the Allett Kensington Quick Cartridge:

  1. For safety, remove spark plug cap
  2. Lift up and remove the grass box
  3. Pull retaining clip and remove the box cradle
  4. Remove side cover (location of drive belts)
  5. Now remove the two retaining screws on each sides of the cartridge

Now switch out the cartridge and reverse the steps above. That’s it!! You have successfully switched your cartridge!

I hope you enjoy the video below:

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Best of Times in the Lawn!!

Allett Kensington Quick Cartridge

More Information

Additional information from the web site:

“Designed for home lawn enthusiast with medium to large lawns, the Kensington Petrol Garden Mower is the ultimate cartridge machine in the Allett Homeowner Range. It is one of our most popular cylinder mowers and takes all the cartridges in the Allett range allowing for a range of lawn-care tasks using just one machine.