How To Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade

I cover 3 methods to sharpen a lawn mower blade. Each method takes a short amount of time and can use tools you may already have, or tools that are inexpensive and can be purchased online or at your local hardware store.

Method 1 involves the use of a bench grinder. In the past this has been by go-to way to sharpen mower blades. Mostly because the old grinder worked and that is all I had, too.

Method 2 involves a simple drill attachment. Simply insert the tool in a drill and get to sharpening.

Method 3 produced the best results, and it involves the use of an Angle Grinder. This is my current go-to method to sharpen a lawn mower blade.

Remember, dull blades will tear the grass leaving them susceptible to disease. By keeping your blades sharp you are providing a clean cut to your blade stalks for a healthy happy lawn. Enjoy the video and leave a comment. How do you sharpen your blades?

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How to Sharpen a Lawn Mower Blade