Armyworms, Grubs and Other Insect Control in Bermuda (S2E17)

Over the past few days I’ve seen several birds lighting in my yard eating little worms. No, they weren’t earthworms. They were armyworms! Yes, the little fellas that crawl through the yard eating up your lawn. Typically in the south, armyworms start to appear in mid July to late August.


The typical fall armyworm are green, brown or black and have a very distinctive white line between the eyes that form an inverted “Y” on the head capsule.

To help combat these critters and others in the lawn I turned to Duocide by The Andersons and Bug B-Gon by Ortho.


I really like Duocide due to how easy it is to spread, and also the DG particles. If you reel mow then I highly recommend DG particles because they dissolve rather quickly and won’t be present on the lawn the next time you mow.

Bug B-Gon

This Ortho product had a great price on sale at the local big box store. One bag covers 33,000 sq ft so a little goes a long way. I did find the product was a bit difficult to spread since it was mostly a flakey, dust type product unlike the Duocide’s granular approach.

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