Super Clean Cartridge Cleanup (S2E16)

In this episode I use the Super Clean degreaser and cleaner to clean up my Allett cartridges. I recently scarified and scalped my lawn, and the rain hit as I was finishing up. Rain and wet grass do not mix very well.

As you will see in the video, my cartridges are very dirty so I decided to give them a bath.

Super Clean

Here is some information from their web site:

  • The aerosol-type SuperClean cleaner-degreaser also allows you to use ample amount of solution precisely where you want it, without spills or waste. It’s much easier to control the concentration of the spray, as well as the volume you want to apply
  • Ideal for engine cleaning, this special degreaser formulation lifts horrendous dirt and grime “baked” onto metal
  • SuperClean aerosol can be directed exactly where you want to clean, so it’s easy to avoid electrical parts that must stay dry. This super degreaser cleaner is biodegradable and phosphate-free
  • With the same powerful formula as the original SuperClean degreasing spray cleaner, this product uses a high-pressure stream to get the cleaning power into recesses and corners
  • It cleans on contact, and is easy to rinse. Ideal for use on nearly any type of surface including metal, flooring, and hoods, the product cleans even the greasiest and grimiest messes with the touch of a button


In conclusion, I really enjoy using this brand of degreaser. It was quick, and cleaned my cartridges like a champ. The only downside was smell from the pump spray bottle. It was slightly choking if I got too close. As a result, the aerosol can was my favorite to use. Love the foaming action!

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Hope you enjoy the video below:

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