Backyard Scalp, Scarify, and Soil Treatment (S2E6)

Time to tackle the backyard now with a scalp, scarify, and a little soil treatment, too. This is basically the same process that I did in the front yard with a minor change. I switched the order up a little bit.


The first activity I did was perform a pre-scalp with my Craftsman M250 push mower. This brought the lawn down to 1.25″, the lowest setting on the mower. It also collected all of the surface debris on the yard. Use the bagger!


The second activity was to bring the lawn down to .75″ (19mm). I used my 6 blade reel cartridge, and it worked perfectly. It was just what I wanted for a backyard scalp.


The third activity was to switch out the reel for the scarify cartridge (turf rake). This handy cartridge pulled out a lot of thatch, loose dormant bermuda, weeds, and other unsavory debris. After the scarification I went back to the reel to clean up any stolons that were poking up from the process. I like the clean look of a reel mow, too.

Soil Treatment

The fourth activity involved throwing down a full bag of CarbonPro-G. This was done to help improve soil conditions by adding biochar, compost, and other healthy nutrients.

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Hope you enjoy the video below:

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