Bermuda Grass Spring Wakeup Part 3: CarbonPro-G (S2E5)

It’s time for a Bermuda Grass spring wakeup! Will CarbonPro-G help? In my last 2 videos I used the scarify cartridge to clean out all of the debris from the turf, and the 6 blade reel to bring down the height of cut to .75″. Now it’s time to condition the soil and see if we can wake up the green!


The CarbonPro-G was a little surprising at first. Why? I expected it to be a dryer, granular product. It did end up spreading fairly well, but I had to have my hopper open to the max. Here is a little information from Mirimichi Green, the maker of CarbonPro-G.

LESCO® CarbonPro-G™ is a revolutionary nutrient optimizing system that harnesses the power of carbon, plant-microbe interactions and organic soil processes to maximize plant health and nutrition. Through field testing, LESCO CarbonPro-G measured 50x more effective than Humic 6%.

This product aids in seed establishment and increases root mass; it may be used during nutrient restrictions and blackout applications. LESCO CarbonPro-G remediates high saline soils and salt toxicity. Regardless of geography, this product may be used for better root systems that enhance tolerance against heat, cold, drought, and salt.

Hope you enjoyed these three videos in my “Bermuda Grass Spring Wakeup” series.

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