Bermuda Fertilizer – First Application of Year (S2E7)

With warmer weather coming, it’s time for my first Bermuda lawn fertilizer application. I had a few bags left over from last year. Yes, it’s my favorite fertilizer, GreenTRX by Anuvia.

This video is pretty simple. It was forecasted to rain for 3 days. A good slow, steady rain. When you do not have an irrigation system you learn to apply lawn products at just the right time. Yes, I closely follow the weather during the Summer. ☀️

GreenTRX is a 16-1-2, a ration that Bermuda lawns love! It contains just the right amount of Nitrogen to spoon feed without over doing the Phosphorus and Potassium. Anuvia has reformulated their products for the 2021 season and I am looking forward to trying them out on my Bermuda lawn. It will be hard to beat this fine quality Bermuda fertilizer.

Make sure you visit their web site at to lean a little more about their new formulation. They build off the 16-1-2 formula and created three new formulas.

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Hope you enjoy the video below:

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