First Reel Mow of Season (S2E8)

My first reel mow of the season comes ten days after a scalp and fertilization. Ten days ago I threw down my first application of fertilizer, GreenTRX. It then rained for three days and I then went on a seven day vacation.

When I returned from vacation the grass had really greened up. It’s hasn’t fully recovered from dormancy mostly due to the unseasonably low temperatures. For example, it’s dropping down to the upper 30s on the night of April 21, 2021 which is totally crazy! This is Alabama and we are typically in the upper 80s by now with lows of 60s.

Regardless of the temperatures I decided to do another scarify mostly to cleanup some wash lines and debris that had fallen from the trees and from the rain storms. I have pine trees so the yard was full of the little pollen pods. My lawn doesn’t typically have wash lines, but I had a few mostly from the scalp.

Also, in this episode, I feature Sunny Jr! Yes, one of my son got out and pushed the Allett mower. It was his first reel mow ever! We had a great time!!

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Hope you enjoy the video below:

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