Manual Aeration – Bermuda Grass Soil Improvement Series: 1 of 4 (S1E10)

In the quest to have golf course style Bermuda lawn, you must start with Soil Improvement. In the southeastern United States the soil is mostly a compacted, dense red clay. By manual aeration and soil additives I plan to bring my soil up to a rich, thriving medium perfect for that lush green Bermuda lawn.

☀️ Episode 10 of the Bermuda Grass Renovation series. ☀️

I kick off this series with some good old-fashioned manual aeration followed up by scarifying the turf. The scarifying process serves two-fold: core cleanup and debris/thatch removal. Giving the lawn a chance to breathe will contribute greatly to overall soil improvement.

This episode focuses on the front yard where Episode 7 of my Bermuda Grass Renovation focused on my back yard. The next three episodes will focus on adding macro and micro nutrients to the yard to help it work together to bring a rich dark soil suitable for a golf course lawn.

You also get to see the Easy Steer Technology (EST) in action on the Ryan Lawnaire IV where I circle the yard instead of stopping, lifting, and rotating the aerator (wore me out in episdode 7).

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