DIY Mower Trailer Hitch for under $15

Ever need to pull a garden wagon with your mower, and your mower doesn’t have a hitch or somewhere to attach your wagon? I show you how to add a DIY mower trailer hitch for under $15!

Well, adding a DIY mower trailer hitch yourself is quite easy. I demonstrate the process down below and also include a link to the hitch that I used.

Purchase the mower hitch from Amazon, and the bolts can be picked up from any hardware store. Picked up mine from our local Lowe’s Home Improvement store. I also just that you grab your tool bag. A socket set with the correct size sockets that match the bolts is highly recommended before you tackle this project.

Before installing the hitch, check the height of the trailer that you will commonly use. As in my video, I first installed the hitch a little too high and had to lower it to accommodate the lower trailer height. I now use the new hitch on a weekly basis around the yard.

Enjoy the video:

Products recommended:

Best of Times in the Lawn!!

DIY Mower Hitch

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