Fall Pre-Emergent – Winter Weed Control (S1E21)

Fall pre-emergent is instrumental in not having those green spots all over your dormant bermuda lawn. In the south the biggest culprit is poa annua (“po-anna”) and henbit. Ride through the typical neighbor hood and you will see these weeds scattered all over.

This Fall I start my pre-emergent program off with Prodiamine.

What is Prodiamine?

Prodiamine is an active ingredient used in pre-emergent herbicides. Prodiamine works to control grasses and broadleaf weeds before they have sprung up from the soil by preventing the weed seeds from germinating. By using it once or twice a year, pre-emergents help control pesky weeds which may be a recurring problem in turf.

Where do I get Prodiamine?

Prodiamine comes in a variety of products. You can get it in granular form, or liquid form. It also comes in different names. The product I use here is call Barricade, a professional grade pre-emergent by The Anderson’s.

When do I apply?

In the fall many apply when the soil temperature reaches 70 degrees and below. This is when Winter weeds typically start to germinate. Others simply work it into their routine schedule.

☀️ Episode 21 of the Bermuda Grass Renovation series. ☀️

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Below is a video that I hope you enjoy as I spread pre-emergent on my lawn:

Products recommended:

Best of Times in the Lawn!!