How to Backlap a Cylinder Mower – Allett Kensington 20H

I show how to backlap a cylinder mower in this episode. The first thing to do is remove your cylinder cartridge and gather your supplies.

Backlap Supplies Needed

  • Backlapping compound and brush
  • Screwdrive for reel to bedknife adjustment
  • Drill for spinning cylinder
  • Safety goggle (eye protection)
  • Paper strips for sharpness test
  • 24mm socket or 15/16″ socket
  • 1/2″ socket/drill adapter
  • Grille apron or old t-shirt to protect clothing (if desired)
  • Clamps for securing cartridge to table (if desired)

First, remove your cartridge and mount securely to your table top. Gather your supplies listed above.

Second, do a paper cut test to find the areas of poor performance. Adjust the reel to bedknife, if needed.

Third, using the 24mm socket begin spinning the cylinder in a clockwise direction. As it spins, apply lapping compound up and down the cylinder. Do a paper cut test and adjust the cylinder as needed. Repeat this process until you get a nice sharp cut entirely down the reel.

Reinstall the reel cartridge and enjoy the mow!!

Hope you enjoy the video below:

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Best of Times in the Lawn!!