Complete Engine Maintenance + Tips – Allett Kensington 20H (S2E9)

In this episode I cover almost every engine maintenance listed in the Honda GX120 manual. I also throw in a few tips, as well.

Oil Change

Probably most important is the oil change. That’s typically the life of the motor. I use 18 oz. of genuine Honda motor oil SAE-10W-30.

Air Filter

Probably second most important maintenance procedure in engine maintenance is checking the air filter. I clean my pre-filter, and you see what a great job it did keeping my paper filter clean. Keeping that pre-filter clean and oiled is the most important step here.

Sediment Cup & Spark Arrestor

The sediment cup is an easy clean procedure. Simply remove it and check to see if there is any sediment in it. The spark arrestor is not included on this engine, but in some countries it is important to keep it clean or replaced.

Spark Plug

Check your spark plug and replace it if it necessary. Typically a quick cleaning will suffice if the galp is still ok.

Don’t forget to give that mower a good wash!

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Hope you enjoy the video below:

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