LiveEarth Humate Soil Conditioner – Bermuda Grass Soil Improvement Series: 3 of 4 (S1E12)

In this third episode of my Bermuda Grass Soil Improvement Series, I apply a product from LiveEarth called Humate Soil Conditioner.

The LiveEarth Humic Soil Conditioner is an OMRI Listed product that is a 45% humic acide derived from humic shale ore. It also has a guaranteed analysis of 1.5% Sulfure (S) and 1.5% Iron (Fe). All are very beneficial in creating long lasting soil health.

☀️ Episode 12 of the Bermuda Grass Renovation series. ☀️

After manual aeration, scarifying, and HumiChar, I felt that an extra dose of this soil conditioner was needed for the added benefit of creating a rich dark soil.

These natural substances increase the fertility and nutrient holding/processing ability of the soil, while adding carbon and increasing microbial activity. This product also claims to decrease the amount of fertilizer you use as you work this into the soil. The ultimate in soil improvement.

Hope you enjoy the video below:

Humic Soil Conditioner is 100% Humic Shale ore, without fillers, binders or other additives. You can apply at any time during the growing season without risk of burning. Additionally, the humic acid contained in our Soil Conditioner may increase the uptake of nutrients. Because it contains only aged ancient plant matter, it is safe for use around pets and children.

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LiveEarth Soil Conditioner